As soon as we got a family computer to help with my homework that was it; I was experimenting with drawing programs on this computer that nearly took up the whole desk! I remember cutting out all sorts of animals and turning these into desktop backgrounds. I even made a game where I could dress up my favourite Barbie and give her an electronic makeover. During free lessons at school I would draw all sorts of computer graphics, one day I was constructing the roof of a house during English, using Microsoft Paint!
At that stage I did not realise there was any such thing as a graphic designer! It had never occurred to me that the graphics around me in everyday life had a designer behind each piece. 

Who I Am
Since training as a graphic designer and photographer, I have lived in the picturesque village of Essendine near Stamford (Lincolnshire). 
With over 5 year's experience I have worked with an exciting variety of blue chip companies that include: Kwik-Fit, STS Tyres, Extra Services, Virgin Media, Disney Pixar, Nissan, Vauxhall, Clinique and Visit Yorkshire; as well as many start-ups.
I enjoy the challenge of translating a client's message into a creative, yet functional visual. This has always fascinated me. For me, I describe graphic design as art with a purpose. A purpose that can transform, motivate and sell your product or service. 
How I Work 
With all projects I liaise closely with the client throughout the process, so our working relationship is very consultative. This also means there are no surprises or "TA-DA" moments at the end of the project. The consultative approach means we can make adjustments to the creative work at multiple stages and you know exactly what to expect as you have just seen the previous design version yesterday (for example). All this means I can work with you not just for you.
Once I have full understanding I can then start problem solving by hand sketching ideas that respond to the projects unique requirements. 
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