Hello, my name is Charlotte.

I am your local designer here at Ginger Graphics based in Cheshire. I can assist you with a range of freelance graphic and digital design services. At Ginger Graphic's we always put the customer first. Our client's success is our success, so we strive for creative excellence.

Rebrand for New College Stamford
A bold rebrand that aims to create appeal for new and current students by stepping away from the old feel of the college and bring the college into the future.
Branding, Graphic Design
SmartClean Advertising Campaign
Graphic Design, Branding, Print Design
Mondriaan Foundation | Annual Report, Infographics
The Mondriaan Foundation is based in the Netherlands and encourages the promotion of visual arts, design and cultural heritage, each year the foundation supports a large number of outstanding and innovative projects and activities from Dutch and foreign institutions. So to reflect this love for visual arts, design and cultural heritage, the report has been designed using bright colours and striking graphical charts so the report becomes a piece of art in itself, breaking the conventional rules while highlighting the foundations financial support and stimulation of the all the creative art and design.
Graphic Design, Typography, Print Design
Uncoated Graduation Show | Branding Stamford College
Branding solution produced for the College End of Year Show exhibition; delivered across a range of print and digital outcomes.
Branding, Graphic Design
Mapping, 365 Celebrations From Around The World
An experimental piece of work that maps celebrations for every day of the year from countries and cultures all over the world. The first side of the piece shows all the celebrations and days counting up to three hundred and sixty-five, then the reverse side maps where each of the celebrations are observed around the world throughout the year.
Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography
Rational Services: Responsive Website Design
Creative design that reflects the one stop servicing solution that Rational offer to all the high end catering customers.
Branding, UI/UX, Web Design
Responsive Website Design for Vine House Farm
Full transformation of the whole site from desktop only to responsive. With Vine House Farm's continuing success, their growing returning customer base and the increasing number of users using tablets and mobiles, the website has been evolved to embrace these changes.
Graphic Design, UI/UX, Web Design
Responsive Website Design for Hardwick Motor's
A responsive redesign for Hardwick Motor's website to encourage sales and enquiry eMails.  The creative web design took the website to the next level, promoting their range of garage services and products. While communicating Hardwick Motor's as trusting, caring and reliable company. We achieved this by developing a crisp, clear design; that focused on photography that told Hardwick's story as well as personal testimonials.

 Contact form - 
A simple drop down on the top of every page so the customer doesn't even need to leave the page to communicate with Hardwick's.

 Icons - 
The icons throughout make the website easy to navigate and quickly to locate what readers are after, instead of having to crawl through endless text.

 Visit the finished design: www.hmcltd.co.uk
Icon Design, UI/UX, Web Design
Infographic Mapping a London Treasure Hunt Destinations
Infographic graphic canvas showing the results of a treasure hunt hosted in London by the media company Posterscope .
Graphic Design, Print Design
More Performance, Branding & Website Design
A new website design to get MorePerformance's message across to the wide range of people they needed to communicate with. The brand helped them to engage people as it was simple, stylish and friendly… but maintained a sense of energy and dynamism that was essential for the brilliant work MorePerformance do.
Illustration, UI/UX, Web Design
Flatlands, Edwin Abbott | An Unconventional Approach
For this project the brief asked for a different approach. Getting away from the usual design in order to create a proposal for the new edition of the book Flatlands by Edwin A. Abbott. Requirements were to keep the design harmonious so the story was easy to follow while taking an unconventional route to book design. BRIEF - Create a revised publication of the classic novella 'Flatland' written in 1884 by Edwin A Abbott. Plus other printed material.
Graphic Design, Typography, Print Design
Biodiversity Postage Stamps, Celebrating Life on Earth
A set of stamps celebrating biodiversity.
Photography, Graphic Design, Print Design
Raze | An Innovative Double Edged Art & Design Magazine
This exciting challenge allowed the freedom to do something new and highly creative. Using an innovative mix of typography, photography, imagery and design this magazine has been created to appeal to young professionals seeking a new take on youth culture, fashion, art and music become part of a group of edgy titles.
Editorial Design, Typography, Graphic Design
P&O Ferries | Creative Advertising Campaign
A key aspect for this campaign from the brief: “P&O Ferries - still leading the way in ferry travel after 175 years” as well as “celebrating the past, while embracing the future.” There was also the key aspect of praising widely P&O Ferries ‘Britishness’. The concept for the campaign is based around all the unlimited benefits that are offered and the extent to which P&O Ferries have gone to make travel for the consumer enjoyable and affordable.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Digital Imaging
Body Shop
As Body Shop believes there is only one way to being beautiful and that is nature’s way, we aptly used the message for this campaign: “release your inner beast” giving everyone who uses the body shop products a boost to the self-esteem.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Photography
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